Joyeux anniversaire, Eau de Vie

It has been (almost) a whole year of amazing drinks, the best service and more than the odd chuckle for Sven Almenning and his other child. Eau de Vie.

They’re going to be throwing a little shindig on the 16th of February, next wednesday, to say thanks, and welcome in a whole new year of cocktail finery. What finer way to do that, for a world class bar like this, than to unveil a brand spanking new cocktail list

From 8.30pm you can roll in and try any of these new and lovely libations, for 25% less than usual (so says their facebook page at least,) and you know what that means children, every 5th drink is free!

I’ll be there, and it will also be one of your last opportunities (i believe) to say goodbye to everyones’s favourite Scotsman, Mr. Barry Chalmers. Barry is moving to KL for a little Asian Persuasion, so make sure you come and buy him a drink.

I’ll write again about this later next week, once I’ve tried the new list, and my hangover has abated.


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