Two Finger Rickey

So, I’ve found a new fruit. Microcitrus australasica, or the Australian native finger lime. These delicious fruits are shaped liked tiny little green bananas or maybe salad fingers. They are full of tart lime caviar and are utterly delicious. Tim Philips might think all the good fruits have been used, but this one is just a little ripper.

Apparently well known in the foodie trade, finger limes are reported to pack much more vitamin punch than the average fingerless limes, but it was just a dude in a market that told me that, so probably don’t go quoting me on that.

Two Finger Rickey

45 mls Tradewinds Gin, 15 mls sugar syrup, 10mls fresh squeezed lime juice, two finger limes.

Scrape the insides out of the finger limes, combine all the other ingredients with the limey caviar goodness over ice and give a good, hard shake.

Strain, allowing the caviar to fall through into the drink. Garnish with a finger lime, if you have any left.


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