Carnival Spectacularrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It’s that time again, 42BELOW is gearing up around the world to fly bartenders from the four corners of this blue green globe to compete in the Cocktail world Cup and become totally and utterly indoctrinated by the New Zealand experience and it’s most famous no0n agricultural export, 42BELOW vodka.

“The 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup is our signature event and our way of celebrating the superstars of our trade. We are working hard to make sure that 7th time around it will be more extreme and more outrageous than ever before” says 42BELOW Marketing Director Dion Nash.

Thus far, I have heard stories about fantastic dress up parties, a woman who can contort herself into a box and holds the world record for passing through an unstrung tennis racket in a minute, and I’m pretty sure the number was in the double digits. I would absolutely encourage you to try this at home to get a real idea of exactly what that feat entails. My own current pb is hovering around ¼.

Selection is underway right around the worlds, so contact your local Bacardi ambassador and inquire why you haven’t been made aware of one of the regional finals. It is an epic week, which if you survive will standout from pretty much any other contest out there.

Check out this vid for a bit better idea of what the week could entail.

The only other piece of spectacular news I have worth sharing is the judging panel for this utterly stupendous event. Rather than try and rewrite the lovely Belinda Henley’s magnificent prose, I thought I would simply copy paste and let it see the light of day…(you’ll notice the brand speaks in the first person in para 2)

From New York is America’s most influential and well-respected drinks writer, David Wondrich.  Labelled by the New York Times as ‘a living iPod of drink lore and recipes’, there is nothing this man doesn’t know about drink making and drinking. He travels the world giving cocktail seminars, is the drinks correspondent for ‘Esquire’ magazine and the author of books including the bestselling and critically acclaimed  ‘Punch’ and ‘Imbibe’.  “I’m enormously excited to be a part of the Cocktail World Cup, not only because of its sterling reputation as a test of bartending skill and ingenuity, but also because of the high-spirited energy that surrounds the event. On to New Zealand,” says Wondrich.

From the UK, we have ensnared the services of the ‘Maestro’ of cocktail making and one of the world’s leading bartenders, Salvatore Calabrese.  Calabrese is loved by his loyal customers, for his stunning drinks and his performance abilities behind the bar, most recently at FIFTY at London’s St James. He is currently preparing to launch the city’s most exciting and exclusive bar at the new Playboy Club. Calabrese grew up in a small village in Italy before moving to London and quickly establishing himself as one of the most celebrated and innovative bartenders around, known especially for his passion and access to rare cognacs. A previous president of the UK Bartenders Guild, Calabrese says he can’t wait to be part of such a unique event, “It is a true celebration of talent and challenges not only our finest bartending skills but also the bartender’s ability to work as team players, displaying the brotherhood that exists in our industry of which I am so proud to be a part,” says Calabrese.

Rounding out the judging panel is the man who knows more about 42BELOW than anyone else, our long serving global vodka professor and living legend, Jacob Briars. Briars has spent eight years traveling the world peddling this award winning kiwi vodka, transforming a small, yet inspired, garage creation to an international brand poured in the best bars and clubs around the world. Along the way he has educated more than 15 thousand bartenders on the true joys of 42BELOW.  His dedication and unwavering commitment to the brand will be honoured during the 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup and there is no one better qualified to judge these bartenders than the man who has taught them everything they know about the brand.

The 42BELOW ‘Carnival of the Cocktail’ launch in spectacular style on March 14th in Queenstown. The week long competition including challenges like ‘Modern Mocktail’ and ‘21St Century Punch’ will culminate in a truly audacious grand final event on March 18th under a big top marquee.

What fun, what, what.


2 thoughts on “Carnival Spectacularrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Worth noting that Australian Bartender of the Year Jason Williams will be the Australian representative on this esteemed panel. Unfortunately the 42Below office gibbon missed this minor detail and has since been fired.

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