Time for Elevenses

Welcome back.

The prevailing Hollywood interpretation of the Mayan calendar seems to hold that our blue green dot is set to shake itself to bits some time next year. As such, there has never been a better time to take up drinking. My friends, make 2011 the year that you  seek out sensual pleasure and revel in it.

When Europeans first crossed the ocean blue, there was a gentleman’s tradition that imbibing alcohol before the sun was over the yardarm was considered uncouth. What is less well known, was that the sun crossed the yardarm at 11am.

The internet is bursting at the gunnels with new techniques, modernisation of classic recipes and well told legends of the birth of many great drinks. This blog can be a (hopefully engaging) window to that world. I hope you’ll visit, read, comment and share some of these stories.

And remember, in an always connected world, it’s always 11 o’clock somewhere.


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