Bar, Restaurant

Ash St Cellar

Part of the Ivy, and yet not a part of it at all. Proceed as usual, like you were about to head on up to the pool bar to blow a months worth of wages persauding some blondes to sit with you.

At the last minute, turn right instead of left and walk into Europe instead of Miami Beach.

From a cocktail perspective, the Martini was excellent. The barkeep used a method I’d not seen before, using the shaker as an ice bath for the glass. I’m not sure how he achieved dilution but my 7:1 Martin Millers and Noilly Pratt was deliciously fresh & floral and the perfect antidote to the last week before Christmas workday.

They obviously don’t get to make too many cocktails here, as he was keen for me to have a second. While the first recommendation of a French Martini seemed a little odd, the follow up offer of a Sazerac was pretty much bang on. Again, the method was new to me, shaken Sazeracs are something I’ve only ever really heard about from Simon Difford. I did think that he was taking the piss in the same way Jacob Briars does with his Corpse Reviver Number Blue.

The Hennessey VS was cloudy by the time it had had the bejesus shaken out of it, and while this method amalgamates the flavours of the Sazerac, I have to say I like mine better stirred, with the notes a little further apart.

Outside dining can be hard to come by in Sydney, and Ash St, plus the new bistro across the lane, Felix, delivers in spades. Folks come in droves to Ash St for the fare and the wine list. The Farr Chardonnay from Geelong was delicious. On the food front the lamb cutlets were jucy and divine but the true standout for me was the deliciously juicy Chorizo roll. I’m thinking about going back for a second one at lunch.

Ash St also has a large screen for decadent movies, intoxicating wines and attentive service.

On Google Maps, here.

1 Ash Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9240 3000
Web :



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