November is Tequila Month, Spirit

This November, I’ll be mostly drinking Tequila.

Sometimes, as I write about spirits and drinking in general, I forget that alcohol is a drug. It changes your consciousness, it makes you do silly things and best of all, it makes it difficult to remember them.

Spend enough time with a person and you’ll usually find out that there is one spirit that takes the blame. One drink that they just can’t stomach because of a bad experience. I find quite often that the spirit is Tequila.

Now, I’m not sure that you can blame an inanimate object for an obvious lack of self control, and certainly it wasn’t that long ago I would have been on the self same hating bandwagon. Something, however, has changed. An introduction to 100% agave tequila, the ritual of sangrita and the explosion of quality brands around the world have firmly changed my mind.

As such, I thought I would string together 30 days worth of Tequila content to dispell a few myths, share a few gems and hopefully, change a few minds.


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