In Memoriam

Goodbye too soon

When I first met Pierre, I wrote that he was old beyond his years. It was with a bitter irony today, that I connected a spike in traffic and the heartfelt messages of Pierre’s friends with the news of his death.

He was a masterful and generous host, quick with a drink and even faster with a kind word and a flash of his boyish smile. He loved the work he had chosen, and loved the people it bought him into contact with.

He will be sorely missed.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye too soon

  1. Simon says:

    Pierre had an amazing – almost frenetic – energy behind the bar. His enthusiasm, passion and good cheer was infectious.

    A sad, sad day for Sydney’s bar community which has seen more than its fair share of loss in recent times.

    Even more tragic for his family and friends. Know that every bartender in Sydney will be raising a glass in his name tonight and for years here after.

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  4. feris fajloun says:

    look how beautifull you are my brother, look at the love there giving you, perry me and you forever bro, save a bottle for me i cant wait to drink again with you..

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