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Stolen Rum

It seems as though the world has not seen the last of premium spirits started by passionate entrepreneurs from New Zealand.

The Boys from Stolen Rum were in town for Sydney Bar Show and I was lucky enough to run into them out at Bondi for a taste of this Rum from the Antipodes. The Gold, which picked up a double gold in San Fran this year, is rich and full. It screams out for an Old Fashioned, but is certainly smooth enough to drink alone.  It would be interesting to try a further aged version of this, although cold climate aging of rum might prodcue some interesting results (do they age Screech?)

Fans of the now extinct white incarnation of Seven Tiki Rum will be happy about the blanco version from Stolen. It seems like something great happens with can distillate from abroad is brought to New Zealand and mixed with our pure waters. It’s kind of a pineapple note, that was prominent in Seven Tiki and is back like an old friend in Stolen.

The rest of the taste profile is welcomely fresh. Fruity and floral, it is a rum that adds to most of the classics; Think perfumed daiquiris and tasty mojitos. I’m looking forward to having some fun with this as the summer comes on.

Where can you get it? Well, unless you’re lucky enough to have connections or live on the shaky isles of the long white cloud, you can’t. Currently international expansion plans are still beyond the immediate horizon but they’re certainly thinking about it. Any of you who are lucky enough to be travelling back to NZ for a summer holiday should be able to find bottles in JR duty free to assist in putting some festive in the season.

There is a holding site up for the brand, but becoming a fan on facebook seems to be the better way to stay up to date.


7 thoughts on “Stolen Rum

  1. everydaydrinking says:

    Just noticed that I had missed a couple of important points. The brand was started by a lawyer looking for a career change. They buy distillate from the Caribbean, ship it to New Zealand, mix it with New Zealand water, put it in a European bottle and ship it out again.

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    • everydaydrinking says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I’d try asking at your bottle store, Stolen has a national distribution deal through Beam Global, so anywhere that has Jim Beam should be able to at the very least be able to order you one.

      Failing that, asking on their facebook page at should get you pointed in the direction of some rum.

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