One for Julia – The Cobbled Ginger Chili Fizz

Australia woke up this morning to a new Prime Minister. Julia Gillard, the former PM’s deputy of 31 months had the numbers and started the ball rolling last night. By the look of the dreary eyes on TV this morning, I think it’s time for a drink.

It is quite a process, requires some forward planning, it’s red and packs quite a punch, but then, it should i suppose.

Obviously, it has to be vodka based, Russian of course, because that’s what Communists drink. A handful of different berries, because no single flavour really tells the full story. Ginger and Chili syrup, made overnight, but the ingredients might take a few months to pin down. A splash of real grenadine, because this drink can’t actually be too red. A splash of soda to keep things fizzing until the next election.

Muddle half the berries in a tumbler and fill the glass with shaved ice. You might want to put this on ice, just to ward off any chance of it spoiling while you cobble the last few things together. In a shaker, combine the vodka, grenadine, the remaining berries and ginger chili♣ syrup. You might need to add citrus here, but be careful, it shouldn’t end up sour. Toss in a couple of the remaining lumps and shake as hard as you possibly can. There’s only a small strain left between you and the leadership.

Finish with a fruity garnish. Suck it and see.

Measures: 90mls Moskovskaya vodka, 15 mls ginger chili syrup, 10 mls home made grenadine, a handful of berries♥, soda to finish.

♣ Ginger Chili syrup takes some time to perfect. Start by collecting disgruntled shoots from around the electorates, you should probably start a few months before, but at a push you can probably find enough in a week or so. Chop finely and hide out of site until you’re ready to make the stuff. When the time is right, dissolve sugar in water, add plenty of chili and turn up the heat. Right at the last minute you should experience a massive influx of ginger, add it all to the mix. Allow to cool before savouring the delicious taste of victory.

♥Your best chance of balancing the drink would be a small handful in each of  your left and right.


6 thoughts on “One for Julia – The Cobbled Ginger Chili Fizz

    • everydaydrinking says:

      You’ve certainly hit on one of the big differences, but I think that this, like every drink that falls in the Political variety of the Cobbled subsection of drinks, has very involved and particular methods of execution plus the variation in time required can vacillate wildly. Some of the flamed varieties, particularly those from South America and the Asian subcontinent are delightfully interesting.

      Perhaps I could make it my opus…

      or not.

  1. The Australian Elections definitely is causing a major buzz, not only here in Australia but worldwide. It sure is a battle of platform for social reform, strategies, action plans, good governance and even charisma. Australians have mixed feelings about Julia Gilard and Tony Abbott. While some thinks Julia is endearing and composed during the debate on Sunday, some think she didn’t get to the specifics. Same distribution of sentiments also go out to Tony Abbott.

    What is it that Australians are looking for in their new Prime Minister? What should be focused on to determine the worthiness of the next PM? Is it their plans for climate change? Plan for controlled immigration? Focus on mental health? I’d say all of the above and much more.

    I, with my team at PeopleBrowsr conducted a study on this very momentous event. It shows how people think of each candidate and their sentiments are recorded real time. Visit for this very interesting study.

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