Mount Gay Tricentennial

A Rum of Rums from the Rum that created Rum. Only 3000 bottles of this, purportedly the finest of Caribbean spirits, were released to market in 2003, to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the Barbadian brand.

Inside the bottle is a master blend of Rums from 1969, 1974 & 1976. Interestingly for a distillery that claims 300 years of history, these are the oldest stocks they have. Conveniently they can blame Piracy for any losses I suppose…

The rum itself is extremely fine. The Mount Gay standards of Vanilla, Coffee and Bananas are there, the slight nuttiness too. The scent is absolutely intoxicating and both it and the taste have a depth that is only matched by the finest aged spirits. Utterly and completely delicious.

As for purchasing one, they occasionally come up online, and I’d be happy for anyone to share a link in the comments. For Sydneysiders, there is a single bottle perched atop the shelf in Duty Free. Supply being what it is they’re asking $2,500 for it, a ten fold increase of the release price.

Is it worth it? Well price is always a subjective measure. As the existing bottles are drunk, supply diminishes. What is inside is the pinnacle of a distillery that has tremendous experience, a worthy addition to any celebration.


17 thoughts on “Mount Gay Tricentennial

  1. everydaydrinking says:

    Random question, after tasting a stack of aged rums, many seem to have a distinct Bourbon note that comes through. Is this the carryover from the American casks?

  2. Yes, the Bourbon note will most likely come from the used 200 litre American White Oak cask that were used to age Bourbon before the rum.

    It is a common flavour and aroma in rum, especially in rums from the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados (Mahiki, St. Nicholas Abbey, Rum Sixty Six). They have a very distinct bourbon note that you can’t really miss.

    Nice website.

  3. Brian says:

    I have an unopened bottle of the Mount Gay Tricentennial (in its box, with its numbered paperwork etc) which I am considering selling but don’t know where to start. Any interested parties and what would be a fair market price at this point? Thanks!

  4. Gary Moses says:

    I also have a bottle of Mount Gay Tricentennial I may want to sell pending the offered price. I have heard of prices from $850.00 to $2500.00 . Is there an underground auction on line or is e-bay the best way to go?
    Thanks ,

  5. Gary Moses says:

    Sorry , I forgot to say bottle # 93 and I can send pictures of bottle and packaging of the Mount Gay Tricentennial Rum along with paper work.

  6. Gary Moses says:

    Yes I still have bottles #93 and #94 and yes I am still thinking about selling one of them. I have found another bottle on Craigslist for $3000.00. And one that got sold for $2800.00 in Florida last year. It would be nice to know how many complete packages are left Anyway my e-mail is gmoses69@yahoo.com those interested can contact me there. I have tried to contact Tatu, Dave and Brian but I must be doing something wrong. you can also call 340 228 3395.
    Thanks , Gary

    • Louise says:

      Hi I have mount gay tricentennial number 797 which I won in a competition 10 years ago. Mint condition in box with all paper work would be interested to know what it’s worth thank you

  7. Russell Fletcher says:

    $3000!!!! Jees!! My wife bought me a bottle off eBay a couple of years ago, UK £206. Needless to say, the contents have now vanished (yum!), but makes me think I should have held onto it, but I’d never have known how good it was. BTW, I have the empty bottle/box/leaflet to sell if anyone is interested, otherwise it will go on eBay.

  8. Morten says:

    Hello i think i maby selling my tricentenial that forgot having, because we moved from the place where it still is:):) How much and were to do it…

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