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World Class Results

Adam Brewer of Brisbane’s Sling Lounge is going to Greece, after pipping last year’s winner Adi Ruiz of The Black Pearl to take the honours at last night’s Diageo World Class finals.

Click on the link above, if you’ve got a spare twenty minutes, and read through the epic 67 page cocktail list, it contains 266 cocktails, plenty of mistakes and a host of contradictions. I’d heard Brisbane needs education on the cocktail scene, but this seems a little ridiculous.

I’ll write more on the event last night once I’ve got some images to go with it.


2 thoughts on “World Class Results

  1. Jacob Briars says:

    Maybe you should get on a plane and head up to every Na Zillunda’s favourite winter airport? Brisbane has a pretty amazing bar scene, running from the classic a la Bowery, through to the it’s-all-on molecular extravaganza that is Sling Lounge. I agree that menu is pretty long but it reflects the mad passion of the guys behind it – Blake, Dustin and especially Martin – and the talented bartenders there. Every drink I’ve had at Sling was thought provoking and delicious, something I wish I could say about more famous bars with much shorter menus.

    • everydaydrinking says:

      Will definitely head up to check it out after meeting a few of my Northern Neighbours at the World Class finals. The bar itself looks stellar, and the drinks Adam but up were indeed grand, and I agree that the tome communicates passion.

      I just found it odd that the Martini page espouses Gary Regan’s view on the drink only containing Gin and vermouth on the same page as the vodka based silver bullet and a followed by a few pages of fruity tooty faux Martinis. I might have thought that Dick Bradsell might have let his name spelling slide, but rubbing in his lack of importance by highlighting his “ex” centricity highlights either a lack of spellcheck or an unusually cutting wit.

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