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This just in: ‘Best’ is a fluid concept right now.

I’m always a little suspicious of awards tastings. Spirits taken naked, mapped to a perfect category ideal, scored out of a hundred and mercilessly spat back into a bucket, spent, wasted.

The process to me has always seemed to ignore the personalities that truly wonderful spirits demonstrate. The quiet ones that you coax out gently; The complex ones that change completely depending whose company they are in; the strong ones whose base you can build up into something massive.

I was quite interested then, in the recent Ultimate Cocktail Challenge that pitted products against each other in the same drinks. Gins performed in the Aviation, the Extra Dry Martini, G&T, Negroni and Tom Collins. This seems like a much better way to sort things out. I can’t really fault their choice of judges either. A DeGroff, a Meehan, a Wondrich and presumably a Regan taking the photo.

Tanq 10 in the Aviation, and the one I had at Eau De Vie on Friday was rather fine. Their recipe, like mine and the UCC does not include any Violets. Tanq Dry, the Extra Dry. A Plymouth & Tonic if you please. Tanq Dry again in the Negroni and once more with Tom Collins.

Full results are available here. You’ll also find all the recipes, methods and minutiae you could possibly require.


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