New Zealand, The Cure

The Burg of Ferg

Sometime ago I started chronicling the avenues along which one could escape the pain of the hangover. I write now to tell you of a cure so powerful, so perfect, indeed so effective that I am not entirely sure in my own mind that it exists at all.

I speak of course of the Burgers of Ferg; Bun Laden, Cockadoodle Oink, Bambi’s Mother, Big Al for the truly ambitious, fries with wasabi aioli. The products served from this little window to heaven have the strange power to erase the misdemeanors of the immediate past and deliver you, sated, into a less blurry and overall survivable tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure you just have to stumble out of any bar in Queenstown, turn at any intersection at random and you’ll either be at Ferg’s or fall into Lake Wakatipu. Either one will work I suppose.

42 Shotover street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand‎ – (03) 441 1232‎

On Google maps here. And this is what it looks like:


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