Cocktail, Training

They’ll always have Rio: The Naren Young and Jacob Briars Experience

See Jacob Briars eat the sand of Leblon Beach. Hear him lost for words atop the Sugarloaf. Feel his disappointment at being woken with a vegetarian Bloody Mary in episode 4.

This series of videos were produced a wee while back, but thanks to the best head waggling, curry munching, mango bitters wanting bartender I know, it was bought to my attention again. Those of you who know Jacob or Naren will find this a hoot, those that don’t are in for some of the funniest, on-the-fly scripting about drinks and drinking culture available anywhere on earth.

More episodes after the jump.

Ep. 2. Cutting cane and getting caned

Ep. 3. Out and About – Visiting God

Ep. 4. Bloody Carioca wake up call

More hilarity available here:


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