Oh, Mezcal. Why are you so hard to find in the sunny island on which I live?

My recent trip to New Zealand held a number of firsts, including a veritable back bar of hard to find liquor. Chief amongst the fine taste profiles I will carry around in my head was Mezcalzero, a blindingly good Mezcal that takes hard to find to a whole new level.

To buy a bottle, you’ll have to be in California, and even then you’ll need lucky, only 168 bottles are available in the state. I’m looking into relocating to Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca just so I can get a regular supply. It’s made by Los Danzantes and it seems like it’s not the only amazing product they’ve birthed. Their website makes me thirsty and could only really be improved by an online store that ships to Sydney.

The spirit itself is finely made, with the smoky taste of the fire pit there, but the distillation is obviously world class, resulting in a smooth, tasty, can’t get you out of my head experience.

Like many good things in my life, Camper English tried it first. I was was further away from the source and any retail outlet, so I’m claiming my tasting was more special, at least.

My everlasting thanks to Boris, for carrying this bottle to NZ, and letting me share in its demise.

Please, booze fairies, send a case to Australia.

The back label is dfown here after the jump, just in case you’ve seen a bottle and want to know for sure, or like me are going to buy real estate next door to the place of origin using Google earth.


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