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MixMarch #5: Pacific Dawn

I love a cocktail that comes with good story, and over the years, entries in the Cocktail World Cup have got to the point where there is often more story that substance. This one, however, served up at the recent UK finals at Shoreditch House in London, seems to get the balance between story, ingredients and result exactly right.

The West London team mixed this up in the garb of convicts and a naval Captain, with the ingredients representing a journey around the colonies of Merry Old England.

Pacific Dawn

50mls 42BELOW Manuka Honey Vodka
25mls Vanilla Tobacco infused Naval Rum
25mls Cardamom Infused Treacle Syrup
1tbs Kenyan Coffee Beans
4 drops Liquorice Bitters
Serve at 42degrees centigrade in a silver goblet with a scurvy ration of 42BELOW Kiwifruit lime wedges.

If you’re going to be in Wellington, New Zealand on the 27th of this month, get yourself a ticket to the finals, plus a rock concert. Go to Hawthorn to pick it up. 82 Tory St, they’ll set you back $42 dollars, obviously.


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