Sydney Bar Show announced

The show must go on, they say, and it appears that it will. Details are still quite sketchy but it appears that the 2010 edition will be Rumtastic. UK Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell sounds as though he has both made a commitment and being reading his Australian history.

“I find it an honour and privilege to be invited to host the Rum Shack at the Sydney Bar show 2010. Australia is the only country to have had a RUM REBELLION…not even Jamaica has done that yet!”

Should any of you both be in the hospitality trade and into long term advance planning, you might wish to committ this to your diary, frankly, your memory is probably woefully inadequate for this task. Sydney BarShow 2010will take place on Tuesday 21 & Wednesday 22 September at The Royal Hall of Industries, on Lang Road, Moore Park (next to Entertainment Quarter) in Sydney.

Information and registration details can be found here:

Attached to the show is the Bar Awards, celebrating 10 years, the awards is a true celebration of the industry in Australia. I can only hope that I will be lucky enough to be invited this time as well.


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