It’s National Margarita Day!

Those crazy Americans, they seem to have a day for everything. February 22nd has the utter joy of being George Washington’s real birthday, Worldwide Thinking Day and also National Margarita Day.

Like any great drink, the margarita has a bit of a clouded history. Most of the stories originate in Mexico, some time in the thirties or forties, although it wasn’t until the invention of the Slurpee machine by Omar Knedlik in 1965 that the Margarita became world famous; the stuff of hangovers and legend.

Thankfully, the Slurpee abomination has once more been pushed from the limelight, laargely by the tireless work of Julio Bermejo at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Fransisco. The invention of the Tommy’s Margarita, a 1:1:3 mix of Agave Syrup, Lime Juice and Heradura 100% agave tequila has bought the drink back to the fore. The agave syrup can prove difficult to track down,  and  a trip to San Fran is probably a touch far for most of you in Sydney, so here’s where you can get the best in Sydney should you feel the need to celebrate.

Eau-de-Vie: Margarita Con Palomitas is a Tommy’s with a modern twist, a salted popcorn rim that’s a real treat.

Cafe Pacifico: Go and drink your way through their impressive range of tequila in a well mixed up version of a Tommy’s.


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