February Wishes and Caviar Dreams.

It’s been a while since I’ve really got out and visited the bars of Sydney so I thought I’d make my intentions for next month clear and idnetify a few doors I plan on darkening.

Eau-de-vie is the first venue opened by Sven Almenning, Diageo’s trainer has taken the reins at the boutique Kirketon Hotel. A welcome little addition to Darlinghurst rd indeed.

La Sala looks very Surry Hills, in that faux NYC way you know and love if you skinny up your jeans and slide on plimsols as a daily ritual. Their list sounds good too.

AbsintheSalon looks right up my alley too. Mmm tasty thujone.

Saftey Wolf might be enough for me to hop the ferry for some Man-tastic action. 32 Belgrave St, for those of you already on the insular peninsula.

Madame Fling Flong seems to offering up a cup of difference and those couches remind me of Nana.

I’ve also got a post about ice, Sticky and my upcoming adventure for you all as well.


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