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UPDATED: The end of something special.

jumpUnconfirmed report that all the most of the staff at 42BELOW got their marching orders today and that the brand will be rolled into Bacardi Global Brands. The brand team stays but its going to be tough to keep some heart in that big space with only four people.

It was always a danger when the brand was purchased by the Global giant, and after the corporate management failed to either continue the culture of the brand pre-buyout or to activate any new marketing on a global level, this has had a bit of an inevitability about it.

I hope the brand survives. I’m a passionate supporter after my 4 years working with 42 in China and North Asia.

My thoughts go out to the core of true believers that were still slogging it out in the NZ HQ, they’d been there from the start and had a belief most brands can only dream of.

Kia Kaha brothers, you are all fantastic people.


One thought on “UPDATED: The end of something special.

  1. Very interesting. You’re right about that air of inevitability about it… But what a ride huh?

    The brand has certainly been a big part of my life over the last few years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. So I certainly hope it sticks around and gains more traction.

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