Barcelona Gin


I believe the first cocktail I ever made was a Gin & Tonic. My father taught me how to pour two fingers of Gin into a glass, top it with cold tonic and add a slice of lemon. While I now ice the glass, Dad’s two finger instruction has proved a winner, growing with me as my hand size and tolerance increased.

My early exposure has meant that no matter how much I’ve learnt, or which spirit I have developed a lusty affair for, Gin remains the ‘proper’ drink, be it in a Monkey Gland, Martini or bubbling fresh with tonic and squeeze. I’m always interested in new entrants, and I must admit the new Port of Barcelona has whet my appetite for the juniper gods once more.

Now, I haven’t been lucky enough to receive a bottle like Rick at Martini Groove, but there were a couple of things that piqued my interest when I read through the scuttlebutt online.

First, it seems like good value, $30 for a triple distilled, 13 botanical Gin. Quality that won’t bruise the wallet.

Secondly, it flies in the face of convention, many of the new Gins that have been released in the last few years have focussed on being ‘cocktailing’ spirits. Attempting to become an open book for bartenders to play with has seen the juniper content dialed down (juniper gives Gin it’s Ginnyness) and light tasting spirits that are really Gin masquerading as vodka become the norm. Port of Barcelona sounds as though they have gone for a full flavored, but balanced approach, with juniper, citrus, vanilla and star anise featuring in a big buttery Gin.

Can’t wait to see if it lives up to the billing.


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