Cocktail, Training

Tales of the Cocktail begins!!!

Some of you might have wondered what the Green Eyed Monster I posted earlier today was up to. Tales of the Cocktail, the world’s foremost conference, mass tasting and cocktail festival begins again today, in N’Awlins or New Orleans, to those who don’t speak Creole.

Part education, with icons like Imbibe! author, David Wondrich; 1806 owner and barkeep, Sebastian Reaburn; International Playboy bartender, Alconomist and Tanqueray 10 Ambassador, Angus Winchester; King of Cocktail, Essentials author and maker of the world’s best Irish Coffee, Dale DeGroff & not least of all moderator, bar chef and Professor of Vodka, Jacob Briars.

Part industry show, with pretty much every alcohol on my Oh My God list presenting, speaking or offering tastings at the show.

And part four day party, with events planned all the time.

I’ve got my ear to the ground, and I’ll try and post as much as I can about the wonderful events, while I start saving my pennies for next year.


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