The Glorious Recipe.

Part Four in a Four Part Series of the same name.

Being relatively new to the whole making my own drinks, for the pleasure of others and myself, I still have a lot to learn and am constantly on the lookout for new tips.

My first attempt at a glorious recipe was decanting small quantities of liqour from my fathers collection to make Rocket Fuel. Sometimes, if i got the right mix, it was okay, other times, when I used the Cherry Brandy that was fifteen years old and had gone off, or added Baileys, or Creme De Menthe, the result was often less than palatable.

The Glorious Recipe that I am about to tell you about, quite simply changed my enjoyment and experience of cocktails at home.

The secret is the perfect blend of Sweet, Sour and Strong. This recipe allows the creation of an infinite variety of great classic cocktails.

and here it is:

3 parts strong, 1 part sweet, 1 part sour.

 Whiskey, lemon & sugar will deliver an amazing whiskey sour. (add egg white for true fluffy, silky goodness.) 

Gin, lenom & maraschino liquer will make an Aviation.

Rum, Lime and Sugar, a delicious Daiquiri.

Feijoa vodka, lemon and apple syrup, the apple of my eye.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Perfection is not achieved in strict rules, so every drink requires practice and tasting to deliver that pinnacle of cocktail making, balance.




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