Bar, Beer, Sydney

The Watson’s Bay Hotel


Somewhere down toward the end of the headland that forms the southern headland of Sydney’s gorgeous harbour sits Watson’s Bay. 

This great spot affords a wonderful view back down the harbour, past the mansions along the edges of Valcluse, towards the city and bride. The sun is brilliant in the late afternoon and the beers are cheap, $11.50 for a jug.

Add to that great seafood available from the kiosk in the front, or doyles down on the wharf itself and you’ve got a great little weekend drinking destination.

Take the ferry, or the bus. While $140 might sound like a lot for a water taxi, an hour long wait later at night can make this a mighty attractive option.

1 Military Road
Watsons BayNSW 2030Australia

(02) 9337 5444

Google Map.

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